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Visionary Pet Foods

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Dogs should be powered by fat and protein - not carbs. Inspired by years of research on optimal canine nutrition by the non-profit group, KetoPet, we created a very low carb, ketogenic dog food so that all dogs can enjoy the benefits of optimal nutrition.

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Low carb, ketogenic, high protein dog food
Visionary is a team of lifelong nutrition nerds who believe you are what you eat – and the same goes for our dogs. That’s why we’re focused on finding what works best for dogs and delivering real nutrition to pet parents everywhere.

Our inspiration
We were inspired by the work done by KetoPet – our non-profit focused on improving canine health through nutrition. Since 2014, KetoPet has rescued dozens of dogs from kill shelters and placed them on a ketogenic diet as a form of cancer therapy. KetoPet found that a low carb, ketogenic diet could not only improve outcomes for dogs with cancer and other illnesses, but that it could also support optimal health and well-being for all dogs. In some cases, we found the effects of implementing a ketogenic diet for dogs to be nothing short of amazing.

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Visionary Keto Pet Foods

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